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INDIA : India’s Trade with the African Region notched US$ 38.96 Billion in the year 2009-10 (DGCI&S provisional figures) constituting 8.37% share in India’s total trade. Trade with the region has grown at a CAGR of 18.10% from US$ 4.48 Billion in 1996-97.
AFRICA : 54 Countries, 1 billion people, US$ 1.01 Billion of trade. Imports worth US$ 468 billion include Mineral Fuels, Oils, Machinery, Vehicles including Boats, Ships, Aircrafts, Electronics & Electricals, Iron & Steel & Articles thereof, Cereals, Plastics, Pharmaceuticals, etc.

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Country at a Glance

Northern Africa


Country Head
President: Abdelaziz Bouteflika


34,178,188 (July 2009)     


GDP Per Capita
$ 7000 (2009)     

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Algeria is located in the northern part of Africa with a total area of 2,381,741 sq km. The country has a coastline of 998 km and is bordered by Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Tunisia and Western Sahara. Algeria is further divided into 48 provinces which are further subdivided into 553 districts and 1541 municipalities. The following table shows the 48 provinces of Algeria:

48 provinces of Algeria

The backbone of the Algerian economy is its energy sector which contributes to around 50% to the GDP and over 95% of its exports. The region is 14th largest in the world for Oil production and has 12.2Bn bbls of proven reserves. The public sector company Sonatrach (Société nationale pour la recherche, la production, le transport, la transformation et la commercialisation des hydrocarbures) controls 43% of national mining industry and 75% of the extracted oil and gas. The organization also benefits from the contracts of association with foreign entities.

Algeria has always been known for the fertility of its soil. The agriculture sector contributed to around 8.3% to the GDP and employs around 13.4% of the labor force. An area of more than 30,000 sq km is used to produce cereal grains.  A large variety of vegetables and fruits especially citrus fruits, are exported. Algeria also exports figs, dates, esparto grass, and cork. Algeria is the largest oat market in Africa. The other crops cultivated are cotton, tobacco and dwarf palm.

The Algerian government continues to face challenges of unemployment which is as high as 10%, corruption, bureaucratic resistance and poor standards in public service

Apex Bodies

Agence nationale de promotion du commerce extérieur

Chambre algérienne de commerce et d'industrie  

Chambre de commerce et d'industrie de l'Oranie


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