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INDIA : India’s Trade with the African Region notched US$ 38.96 Billion in the year 2009-10 (DGCI&S provisional figures) constituting 8.37% share in India’s total trade. Trade with the region has grown at a CAGR of 18.10% from US$ 4.48 Billion in 1996-97.
AFRICA : 54 Countries, 1 billion people, US$ 1.01 Billion of trade. Imports worth US$ 468 billion include Mineral Fuels, Oils, Machinery, Vehicles including Boats, Ships, Aircrafts, Electronics & Electricals, Iron & Steel & Articles thereof, Cereals, Plastics, Pharmaceuticals, etc.

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Country at a Glance
DR of Congo

Central Africa


Country Head


68,692,542(UN 2008)

$12.96Bn (2008)

GDP Per Capita
$300 (2008 CIA est.)

Main Language
French(official), Lingala



DR of Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo is situated at the central part of the continent of Africa with a total area of 2,344,858 sq km. The Land Boundaries stretches to nearly 10,730 km and the costal line stretches to nearly 37 km. Congo is surrounded by Angola, Burundi, Central African Republic, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. DRC has 26 provinces – Kinshasa, Kongo Central ,Kwango , Kwilu, Mai – Ndombe, Kasai,Lulua, Kasai oriental, Lomami, Sankuru, Maniema, Sud-Kivu,Nord-Kivu,Ituri,Haute-Uele,Tshopo,Bas-Uele,Nord-Ubangi,Equateur,Tshuapa,Tanganyika,Hauti-Lomaami,Lualaba,Haut-katanga.

Agriculture is the most important sector of the economy, it accounts for 57.9% of GDP. The main cash crops include coffee, palm oil, rubber, cotton, sugar, tea, and cocoa. Food crops include cassava, plantains, maize, groundnuts and rice.DRC has a history of predatory mineral extraction, which has been at the heart of many struggles within the country for many decades, but particularly in the 1990s.

But conditions in DRC improved in the late 2002 with the withdrawal of a large portion of the invading foreign troops. There are number of IMF and World Bank missions have met with the government to help it develop a coherent economic plan. President Kabila has begun implementing many reforms. Mining was the country's leading industry in 2002, and diamonds, copper, and cobalt ranked first, second, and fourth, respectively, among export commodities. Mining has historically accounted for 25% of GDP and three-quarters of export revenues. Renewed activity in the mining sector, the source of most export income, boosted Kinshasa's fiscal position and GDP growth from 2006-2008.

Fish are the single most important source of animal protein in the DRC. Total production of marine, river, and lake fisheries in 2006 was estimated at 222,965 tons, all but 5,000 tons from inland waters. PEMARZA, a state agency, carries on marine fishing.

Sixty percent of the land of DRC is covered with forests. There are vast timber resources and commercial development of the country’s 61 million hectares of exploitable wooded area is only just begun. The more extensive forest regions of the central cuvette and of the Ubangi River valley have increasingly been tapped. Round wood removals were estimated at 72,170,000 cu m in 2005, about 95 percent for fuel. Some 14 species are of these are presently being harvested. Exports of forest products in 2006 totaled to about $25.7 million. Foreign capital is now necessary in order to expand the forestry, the government recognizes that. Changes in tax structure and export procedures will be needed to facilitate economic growth.

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The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has the third largest population and the second largest land area in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is rich in natural and human resources, and is endowed with the second largest rain forest in the world, with fertile soils, ample rainfall, and considerable and varied mineral resources. In the past, mining (copper, cobalt, diamonds, gold, zinc, and other base metals) and petroleum extraction accounted for about 75 percent of total export revenues and about 25 percent of the country's GDP.............Read More



Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is a nation which is endowed with enormous potential of wealth and is slowly recovering from the two long decades of decline. The conflict which began in year 1998 has dramatically reduced national output and government revenue, increased external debt and resulted in the deaths of more than 5 million people from violence, famine and disease......Read More






Apex Bodies

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Fédération des entreprises du Congo

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