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INDIA : India’s Trade with the African Region notched US$ 38.96 Billion in the year 2009-10 (DGCI&S provisional figures) constituting 8.37% share in India’s total trade. Trade with the region has grown at a CAGR of 18.10% from US$ 4.48 Billion in 1996-97.
AFRICA : 54 Countries, 1 billion people, US$ 1.01 Billion of trade. Imports worth US$ 468 billion include Mineral Fuels, Oils, Machinery, Vehicles including Boats, Ships, Aircrafts, Electronics & Electricals, Iron & Steel & Articles thereof, Cereals, Plastics, Pharmaceuticals, etc.

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Country at a Glance

Western Africa


Country Head
President John Evans Atta Mills


23,832,495(UN 2008)

$17.72Bn (2008)

GDP Per Capita
$1,500 (2008 CIA est.)

Main Language
Asante and English(official)



Ghana is situated at the Western part of Africa with a total area of 238,533 sq km. The Land Boundaries stretches to nearly 2,094 km and the costal lines stretch to nearly 539 km. Ghana is surrounded by Togo, Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast. Ghana is divided into 11 regions namely Ashanti, Brong-Ahafo, Central, Eastern, Greater Accra, Northern, Upper, Upper East, Upper West, Volta and Western

Ghana is well endowed with natural resources, has twice the per capita output of the poorer countries in West Africa. The major sources of foreign exchange are gold, timber and cocoa production. The domestic of economy of Ghana continues to revolve around subsistence agriculture that accounts for 36% of GDP and employs 60% of the work force.

The industries contribute to 22.1% of the GDP of Ghana. This sector is mainly composed of the mining & quarrying, manufacturing, electricity and water & construction sub-sectors. The Service sector is the fastest growing sector and contributes to about 24.3%. This is the most diversified sector made up of wholesale - retail trade, restaurants & hotels, infrastructure services, financial services, community, social & personal services as well as private non-profit services.

The Ghana Investment Promotion Centrerecords have shown that since 2002 the Direct Foreign Investment (DFI) inflow into Ghana increased in 2003 by 81%.Against 138 projects registered in 2002, involving US$ 65.37 million. The analysis further showed that investment in the Services Sector had topped the charts with US$ 69.23 million in 39 projects was followed by Manufacturing US$ 21.94 million in 12 projects. The rest were General Trading with US$ 11.66 million in 24 projects, Agricultural Sector with US$ 8.37 million in 12 projects, Tourism with US$ 4.01 million in 19 projects, Building & Construction with US$ 1.94 million in 10 projects and Export Trade with US$ 1.22 million in 6 projects.

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Ghana is a country which is well endowed with natural resources. Gold-cocoa production and individual remittances, is major sources of foreign exchange. The domestic economy still to revolves around sectors like agriculture and accounts for about 35% of GDP and employs about 55% of the work force, mainly small landholders. Ghana has signed a Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Compact in 2006, which aims to assist in transforming Ghana's agricultural sector................Read More



The food and agricultural industry plays a major role in Ghana’s economy. In 2007 , the agricultural sector contributed 35% to gross domestic product and employed 55% of the total population . Establishment of manufacturing industries to add value to local agricultural and fishery products, especially cassava into industrial starch etc, cocoa beans into cocoa products, fruits into fruit juices, purees etc, rice into fragrant rice, flour etc...........Read More




Apex Bodies

Cape Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Johannesburg

Western Cape Investment and Trade Promotion Agency

Tshwane Business and Agricultural Chambre


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Trade Fairs


Environment Science & Technology Conference & Exhibition

iPAD West Africa

The First Diplomatic Charity Sports Gala


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Industry Association

Association of Ghana Industries:



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Ile Mauricie

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