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INDIA : India’s Trade with the African Region notched US$ 38.96 Billion in the year 2009-10 (DGCI&S provisional figures) constituting 8.37% share in India’s total trade. Trade with the region has grown at a CAGR of 18.10% from US$ 4.48 Billion in 1996-97.
AFRICA : 54 Countries, 1 billion people, US$ 1.01 Billion of trade. Imports worth US$ 468 billion include Mineral Fuels, Oils, Machinery, Vehicles including Boats, Ships, Aircrafts, Electronics & Electricals, Iron & Steel & Articles thereof, Cereals, Plastics, Pharmaceuticals, etc.

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Country at a Glance

Eastern Africa


Country Head

Dar es Salaam

41,048,532(UN 2008)

$54.43 billion (2008 est.)

GDP Per Capita
$1,400 (2008 CIA est.)

Main Language
Kiswahili and English




Tanzania is situated at the eastern part of Africa with a total area of 947,300 sq km. The Land Boundaries stretches to nearly 3,861 km and the costal line stretches to nearly 1,424 km. Tanzania is surrounded by Kenya, Mozambique, Burundi, Malawi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda and Zambia. Tanzania is divided into 26 regions (mkoa), twenty-one on the mainland and five in Zanzibar (three on Unguja, two on Pemba). Tanzania's regions are: Arusha, Dar es Salaam, Dodoma, Iringa, Kagera, Kigoma, Kilimanjaro, Lindi, Manyara, Mara, Mbeya, Morogoro, Mtwara, Mwanza, Pemba North, Pemba South, Pwani, Rukwa, Ruvuma, Shinyanga, Singida, Tabora, Tanga, Zanzibar Central/South, Zanzibar North and Zanzibar Urban/West.

Tanzania is in the bottom ten percent of the world's economies in terms of per capita income. The economy depends heavily on agriculture that accounts for more than 40% of GDP and provides 85% of exports and employs 80% of the work force. The recent reforms in banking have helped increase private-sector growth and investment. Continued donor assistance and solid macroeconomic policies supported real GDP growth of 7.1% in 2008.

Tourism is growing in importance and ranks as the second highest foreign exchange earner after agriculture. Mineral production (gold, diamonds, tanzanite) has grown significantly in the last decade. It represents Tanzania's biggest source of economic growth, provides over 3% of the GDP and accounts for half of Tanzania's exports. The industrial sector of the Tanzania Economy mainly comprises of the industries related with the agricultural processing including sugar, beer, and cigarettes in addition to mining of diamond, gold, and iron besides salt and soda ash and grows at 9%.
The main items of exports are of gold, coffee, cashew nuts and cotton. These major items contribute towards a roundabout of $2 Billions export earnings.

The main opportunities for investors in Tanzania lie in Mineral resources and largely untapped Tourism sector.

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Tanzania’s GDP grew by 6% in 2009, 7.4% in 2008 and 7.1% in 2007. .........Read More



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