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Focus : Africa
Helping Indian companies do business with Africa
INDIA : India’s Trade with the African Region notched US$ 38.96 Billion in the year 2009-10 (DGCI&S provisional figures) constituting 8.37% share in India’s total trade. Trade with the region has grown at a CAGR of 18.10% from US$ 4.48 Billion in 1996-97.
AFRICA : 54 Countries, 1 billion people, US$ 1.01 Billion of trade. Imports worth US$ 468 billion include Mineral Fuels, Oils, Machinery, Vehicles including Boats, Ships, Aircrafts, Electronics & Electricals, Iron & Steel & Articles thereof, Cereals, Plastics, Pharmaceuticals, etc.

Top 20 product groups imported by select African countries ............. [More].
Focus Africa Programme

      "Focus Africa" Programme was initially launched on 31.3.2002 with focus on seven countries of Sub-Saharan African (SSA) Region, viz., South Africa, Nigeria, Mauritius, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana and Ethiopia. With a view to further widen and deepen India's trade with Africa, the scope of this Programme was further extended with effect from 1.4.2003 to include Angola, Botswana, Ivory-Coast, Madagascar, Mozambique, Senegal, Seychelles, Uganda, Zambia, Namibia and Zimbabwe, along-with the six countries of North Africa, viz., Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Sudan, Morocco and Algeria. Thus, the following 24 countries are covered under the programme :-

- Algeria

- Angola

- Botswana

- Egypt

- Ethiopia

- Ghana

- Ivory Coast

- Kenya

- Libya

- Madagascar

- Mauritius

- Morocco

- Mozambique

- Namibia

- Nigeria

- Senegal

- Seychelles

- South Africa

- Sudan

- Tanzania

- Tunisia

- Uganda

- Zambia

- Zimbabwe

Under this Programme, Government extends assistance to

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exporters and Export Promotion Councils etc. to undertake visits to countries in Africa to organize/participate in trade fairs and exhibitions, hold B-2-B meetings etc. African trade delegations are also sponsored to visit India. These export promotion activities are conducted by various Export Promotion Councils and Apex Chambers with grant under Market Development Assistance (MDA) and Market Access Initiative (MAI) Scheme.

Ongoing activities under this programme are:-

  • Focussing on commercial issues as a priority by the Indian Missions in the African countries.
  • Review of the Trade and related issues with the 24 African countries through institutional mechanisms like the ‘Joint Trade Committee’ etc.
  • Increased interaction among businessmen through Joint Business Councils/ Joint Business Groups/CEOs Forum.
  • Additional ‘Lines of Credit’ to the African Countries
  • Fixing/Upgrading the credit rating of the African countries by ECGC.
  • Special provision for funding warehousing, Overseas offices by export/ trading houses or by consortium of Small Scale Industry (SSI) Units - Under Market Development Assistance.
  • Special project oriented activities funded under Market Access Initiative (MAI) Scheme for the new scheme of Market Studies.
  • Dissemination of information about procurement of tenders, investment opportunities in African countries, by the Indian Missions among the Indian exporters/importers/investors through concerned Export Promotion Councils.
  • Follow up by Indian Missions to simplify the procedure for registration and certification in the importing country.
  • Finalising MOUs between appropriate authorities, on technical assistance and cooperation in several sectors.



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